Brunch Club




Foggy Box Ltd.
Based in Bristol, UK

Release Date:

Summer, 2019


Steam (Summer 2019)
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch (Summer 2019)



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Brunch Club is a 1 - 4 player party game that invites players to work together to complete the food based tasks. Each level has a level mechanic inspired by the movie from which it takes its namesake.

We never said this was going to be easy! Its try, try and fry again in Brunch Club and it is an experience of hardship, if you let an item fall off the level, its game over and the level will reset! Whether you’re under sniper fire in Fry Hard or remembering your time on Mars in Toastal Recall, communication, delegation and keeping your cool are all important to making sure you gain your well deserved victory.

Face/off will pit two players against each other in quick round based frantic food action to see who comes out on top. Do you try and complete the task as quickly as possible or attempt to interrupt your opponent? Friendships will be torn apart as you cook, jump and roll your way to victory!

It's not just cooking in Brunch Club, we have other game modes for when the stress of the main games gets a bit too much. Whether you're navigating your way through checkpoints in Five Second Rule or Slamming, charging and dodging your way to sumo victory in Riceball Rumble there is something for everyone.


  • 1-4 player local multiplayer
  • Work together and beat the clock
  • Fight eachother in Face/Off versus mode
  • Arcade game modes, Riceball Rumble, Forknife Battle Royale, Five Second Rule
  • Accessible controls, play with one hand



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About Foggy Box Games

Measure once, cut twice. Foggy Box believes in doing things right, the second time round. No one gets it on the first go, and we're certainly no exception.

Founded in 2017 and initially taking on freelance work across mobile and virtual reality, 2018 saw the opportunity for Chris and Alastair to revive an old project; Brunch Club!

Alastair Callum

A Games Technology BSc graduate from UWE Bristol, industry experienced. Likes coffee and maybe three people.

Chris Youles

A Games Technology BSc graduate from UWE Bristol, industry experienced. Looks good from a distance.

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