Brunch Club

Launch Date

August 29th 2019

Published By

Yogscast Games


Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam

Welcome to Brunch Club!

The first rule of Brunch Club is to talk about it, the second rule is to have 1-4 player physics-based food fun with a seasoning of pop culture references.

In the main game you can play solo or work together with friends to complete the levels before time runs out! It doesn’t stop there though, online leader boards mean that it’s not good enough to just complete when you can compete! Can you get the quickest time?

Teams of scientists spent at least 5 minutes studying the movement behaviour of inanimate objects and foods to deliver an accurate and interesting way of baking your way to victory.

Each level has a mechanic inspired by the film from which it takes its namesake. Whether avoiding sniper fire in Fry Hard or waiting for the ever changing seasons in Game of Cones, each level will force you to adapt to achieve the quickest time possible.


  • Play solo or with friends, will they help or hinder?!
  • Advance through Easy, Medium and Hard. Can you beat the clock get on the leaderboards?
  • Keep control of your items, don’t let them fall on the floor or else the game will reset!
  • With simple controls you can play the game with one hand and grab food with the other
  • Build paths and navigate through checkpoints in Five Second Rule
  • Test your friendship with Face/Off. A frantic action packed versus mode where you compete to complete the task as quickly as possible
  • More on the menu! Now you can score, slam and dodge in the new arcade modes!